One Pot Wonder Chicken Rice with Garlic ginger & chili condiment.

Posted on October 12, 2010


Yes. yes. yes!!!  its all done in one pot that what i love about it… the convenient without compromising the taste.

I decided this to be my first post as i wanna share something that my family love. The rice is very frangrant and flavoursome as its cook together with both the chicken and chicken stock that i had made from the bone the night before ( but you can always use store bought chicken stock from asian grocery, that also work well). well this chicken rice is not complete without the garlic ginger and chili condiment as it add extra dimension to the dish .

Serves 4-5

4 cup of jasmine rice (washed and drained)

6 cup of chicken stock

250 gr of chicken drumstick

4 clove of garlic minced

1tsp of ginger finely slice

a pinch of salt

1tbspn of peanut oil

Heat the oil in the heavy based pot, add ginger and garlic cook until it fragrant. add the chicken to the pot cook till it got little bit of colour than add the rice into the pot stir it to let all the flavour into the rice, follow by adding chicken stock let it boil and simmer ,let it cook until it absorb all the liquid, cover with lid and let it steam (15-20 minutes).

Garlic Ginger and Chili condiment

5 clove of garlic

100 gr of peeled ginger

a pinch of salt and sugar

3 pieces of Bird eyes chili

a dash of light soy sauce

50 ml of oil

First blend the garlic and ginger together, heat the oil in the pan with medium heat ( make sure it is not too hot as it will burn the ginger and garlic), add the ginger and garlic, remove the pan from the heat add the chop chilli and other remaining ingredient.

NB: you also can put a scallion/ coriander to the mix, as it will also work .

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