Green Tea shortbread

Posted on October 15, 2010


This cookies has been on my try to do list for a long time. I am not a big fan of green tea but some how this cookies get my attention.

well after so many busy saturday, I decided that last saturday was a good day for baking… may be coz it is raining plus I already had all the ingredient so why not!!!

served 15-20

pre heat the oven to 160 degree

400 gr of unsalted butter

400 gr of flour

200 gr of icing sugar

50 gr of green tea powder

50 gr of corn flour

4 yolk

a pinch of salt

Mix all the ingredient together in the food processor (robocoupe) than put the yolk at the end . I find this recipe is really easy but it also very tricky cause you have to make sure that the butter is cold and DO NOT OVERWORK IT!!! or you cookies will be a bit tough.

than roll the dough to a log, leave it at the fridge to rest for a bit . I usually leave overnight as it is easier to cut it if it is cold.

The day when you want to bake it

Pre heat the oven to 160 degree, than start cutting the dough around 2cm thick. Put it on to the baking tray with a baking paper underneath than bake for 15 minutes.

Well believe me its worth it!! the smell of it baking in the oven and once it came out let cool for a bit than served it with a cup of green tea…. its marvellous, enjoy.

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