Mum Curry Noodle with a twist..

Posted on October 15, 2010


This is my kinda comfort food,  I always crave for it now and then. therefore last year i ask my Mum to teach me her recipe for this Curry Noodle. But i give a twist to this recipe by adding a dried shrimp and a bit of shrimp paste to it. I find that this two ingredient play a big part to the dish as it give a kick of flavour and smell…

Served 6-10

250 gr of thin noodle

1 L of skim milk

250 ml of coconut cream

1 whole chicken, cut into 8

2 bay leaf

2 bunch of lemongrass, (white part only bruised)

2 kaffir lime leaf

salt to taste

Palm sugar to taste

3 tbspn of oil

Spice paste

7 pc of shallot

3 clove of garlic

4 pc of candlenut

50 gr of dried shrimp ( soak it with hot water first than drained)

1 tbspn of toasted coriander seed

1 tsp of tumeric

6 red chili deseeded

heat up the oil in the pot(medium heat) than fry of the spice blend till it fragrant (not to burn them) follow by adding the  chicken, lemongrass, bay leaf and kaffir lime leaf. let it cook for a little bit than add the skim milk cook till it boil, turn down the heat than add the coconut cream, salt and palm sugar. let it simmer for couple minute meanwhile you can heat up a hot water to blanch the noodle  so by the time your curry is ready as well as your noodle, than its ready to served.

garnished the dish with scallion and fried shallot and i like mine with a squeeze of lime in it. enjoy



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