Heart Warming seaweed and Black Eye Peas bean Soup

Posted on October 19, 2010


As weather pretty chilled this weekend, what I need the least is an easy to whip  heart warming soup. what make this soup so special is the black eye peas bean ( it does look like soy bean but it is not) as it add sweetness to the dish…

I cook the soup base with just a chicken bone and the black eye peas bean for 2 hour with low heat, as I want to get a clear broth soup. I did not put any oil, garlic etc. the oil in the soup is purely the chicken fat, you can skim it off but I prefer to keep as it give the richness to the dish.

As I chop up all my ingredient I realised that I still have a dried seaweed to use up, so i decided to throw a couple of leaves to the soup, and it turn out to be a wonder .

Heart Warming seaweed and Black Eye Peas bean Soup

served 4-6 portion

1 whole chicken bone

150 gr of black eye peas bean

1 carrot

2 celery

1/4 leaves of dried seaweed

salt & pepper to taste

1. Place chicken bone and beans on a dutch pot top it up with water just enough to cover the bone, let it boil for couple minute than simmer it for 2 hour.

2. Take the chicken bone out and add all the other ingredient except the seaweed.

3. let it come to a boil, adjust the seasoning and add the seaweed last. Enjoy

Talking about dried seaweed soup my mum used to make a big pot of it from a pork soft bone and silken tofu toped with a garlic oil. That what I call comfort food, its no fuss, simple, healthy and satisfy the soul …( I promise that I will post it someday as I still have quiet a bit of dried seaweed in my cupboard)




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