Stir fry garlic shoots with Chinese sausages.

Posted on October 19, 2010


Went to market at saturday morning, thinking and deciding what to cook and buy for this week… after back and forth couple time my brain start working!!! well i decided to buy a garlic shoots, chinese sausages and couple other ingredient that gonna be my menu idea for the week. Don’t worry im going to post it all up 🙂 

Garlic shoot has an acquire taste to it, it’s very peppery but what I love about it is the crunchy texture. I did couple stir fry garlic shoot variation from pancetta to all kind of meat and seafood, they all work perfect but  I love pancetta the most.

as my sister just arrive here at Sydney, I want to cook her food that more friendly for her taste bud therefore I choose chinese sausages and she love it.

For the sauce I mix soy sauce, sweet soy, sweet chilli and oyster sauce. I know it might sound crazy and flavour confusion but trust me it work wonderfully together.

Stir fry Garlic shoot with Chinese sausages

served enough for 4-5 pepople

4 tbpsn of peanut oil

3 garlic clove

1 bunch of garlic shoot

4 pieces of chinese sausages thin diagonal slice

for the sauce

2 tbspn of sweet chili

2 tbspn of soy sauce

1 tbspn of sweet soy

3 tbspn of oyster sauce

* mix sauce altogether.

1. Heat up the wok till it smoking, add the oil follow by the garlic.quick stir it than add the chinese sausages.

2. Add the garlic shoot to the pan, let it sit for a bit to get it caramelised.

3. add the mix sauce at the end and WALAAA…..

this dish is easy and delicious just served with a steam jasmine rice, and definitely is a keeper ….


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