Stir Fry Chinese Sausages with Egg and Spring Onion

Posted on October 23, 2010


As i bought a packet of this marvellous Sausages couple days a go so i got to find a way to use it all up by stir frying them with veggie, egg or just steam it with rice. if you feeling bored with white plain rice you can jazz it up by mixing the chinese sausages to it and cook it together in the rice cooker, well that’s dinner done :).

For me tonight will be with egg and spring onion. for this i like my egg to be silky smooth and the sausages can not be to dry it just got to be just right with a little hint of chilli and spring onion at the end. served it with rice and bon appetite.

Stir Fry Chinese Sausages with egg and Spring Onion

served 4-5

4 tbspn of peanut oil

5 whole egg whisk till combined

2 clove minced garlic

2 sliced bird eye chilli ( optional)

1 bunch of spring onion slice

4 pieces of chinese sausages

salt & pepper to taste

1.Before you started make sure that all the ingredient is been prep and ready to go, cause it gonna go real fast!! 🙂

2. Heat up the wok than add the oil follow by the garlic, stir it briefly.

3. Add the chinese sausages ( do not let it cook till it dry) and chilli.

4.Pour the egg mix to the wok , try to pull the mix to the centre to get that silky smooth texture and sprinkle spring onion at the end. enjoy




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