Stir Fry Snake bean(long Yard Bean) with dried shrimp.

Posted on October 23, 2010


The imagination that linger in my mind when preparing this dish is “DELICIOUS” !!!! cant wait to eat it. Nothing over the top but the simplicity and the freshness of the ingredient speak for itself here.

Stir Fry Snake Bean With Dried Shrimp

served 4-5

1 bunch of snake bean

5 tbspn of peanut oil

a pinch of sugar

salt & pepper to taste ( remember that dried shrimp is salty!!!!!)

spice blend

2 clove garlic

3 bird eye chilli

80 gr of dried shrimp

* blend all ingredient in the blender

1. Heat up the wok, add oil and the spice blend to it, stir till it fragrant.

2. Add the snake bean, sugar, salt and pepper to taste .


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