Posted on November 23, 2010


After coming back from my RUSH RUSH HOLIDAY ,  its a relief to be back!!!! well as all traveling involve packing and unpacking, seriously I much prefer the packing as most people do. the thrill & excitement, making all the list of food that you gotta try and so on and on……..( enough about the preview or its gonna be a very long post)

ok back to the crab!!! as I brag to my sister about the chilli crab that I had in Singapore, she requested me to cook her this black pepper crab that she missed the most. therefore, yesterday afternoon I went to pick up a mud crab at the fish market. in the market you’ll find a bucket of crab on top of each other so I choose the one that move vigorously as it indicate that its still fresh and alive.

Black Pepper crab

served 2-3

1 kg of mud crab

1 brown onion

2 clove of garlic

1/2 tsp of ginger

3 bird eye chilli cut length wise

vegetable oil for frying

1 egg

4 tbspn of rice flour

1 spring onion

3 tbspn of kibbled black pepper

For the sauce

5 tbspn of sweet soy

2 tbspn of soy sauce

1 tbspn of oyster sauce

3 tbspn of water

a pinch of salt

* mix all together and set aside

1. Clean and scrub the crab shell, take out the gut wash and drain till it dry. after it dry than crack the shell.

2.Heat the oil for frying.

3.Coat the crab with egg than crumb it with rice flour.

4. Fry the crab till it almost cook and drain  it in paper towel.

5. Heat up the wok, add vegetable oil follow by onion cook till its translucent than add garlic, ginger, chilli. cook till it fragrant.

6.Add the crab, kibbled pepper and the mix sauce. stir it and let it simmer for couple minute with a lid on.

7. finish it up with spring onion and voila….

We really enjoy the dish as its fingerlicious.

Definitely a winner… enjoy!!! 🙂


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