Posted on November 30, 2010


As holiday season approaching!!! for me its mean lets get the oven crackin … BAKE! BAKE! and BAKE!! well I gotta get myself ready for this gift giving season, therefore I decided 3 variety of homemade cookies will be suitable :p

first of all , who doesn’t love peanut butter??!!! “I do” .Therefore I decided to start on this cookies follow by chocolate cookies and finish with a short bread…well for all of you, you know who 🙂 this recipe that I am going to share is definitely a keeper what I love the most is the texture of a mix of oat, peanut and chocolate chip in this cookies…its very YUMMY!!


Peanut Butter Cookies

210 g butter

200 g brown sugar

100 g caster sugar

250 g peanut butter

2 whole egg

170 g of flour

8 g baking powder

5 g of salt

50 g oats

20 g choco chip

1. pre heat the oven to 160 degree, meanwhile cream the butter, sugar and the peanut butter.

2. Add the egg to the mixture one by one till it well combine follow by all the dry mixture (flour+B.powder +salt). remember not to overmix it

3. add the oat and choco chip last. Roll it to a log and freeze  for 1/2 hour for easy cutting.

4. bake at 160 degree for 10 minutes


HAPPY BAKING Everyone!!! 🙂