Posted on December 15, 2010



UUHHH!!!! this couple week its been really hectic… plus Mr weather seem to play its mood!! which mean double trouble 😛 .But its all good now can’t complain :).

since its been a ” BUSY WEEK” = (lazy cooking day) so i need something quick and no fuss, well this mushroom stir fry seem to hit the spot as it is easy, quick and healthy. what could you want more???!! well I can say I am pretty happy with it 🙂

Mushroom Delight

served 3-4

1 packet of Shimeji mushroom slice

1 packet of Enoki mushroom

1 packet of Oyster mushroom slice

2 clove of garlic

1/2 inch of ginger thinly slice

2 bird eye chilli, cut diagonally

2 bunch of spring onion cut into button

50 gr of Goji berries soaked and drained

1 tbspn of Shau Xiang wine

3 tbspn of oil


1/2 tspn of sesame oil

1 tbspn of oyster sauce

1/2 tbspn of soy sauce

1 tsp of sugar

salt & pepper to taste

1.Heat up the wok, add the oil, stir fry the garlic+ ginger+ chilli till fragrant.

2. Add the oyster mushroom first ( as it take longer to cook), follow by Shimeji and enoki let it sit ” REMEMBER NOT TO STIR IT TO MUCH” as all the juices from the mushroom will come out so it’ll end up to be very watery.

3. Add the Goji berries follow by the sauce , wine than add the spring onion.

4. Last but not least a sprinkle of chop fry garlic on top would be AWESOME

I really like the Goji berries in this dish as it give extra sweetness to the dish 🙂



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