Posted on January 7, 2011


Breakfast considered as the most important meal of the day, As breakfast for me means eating my leftover food from last night, if there is,or may be get a quick bite on my way to the market, work etc. so my morning pretty much fill with the “AHA OR HMMM ” moment.

I rarely stock a bread or cereal at home since no one really gonna eat it beside me, but one thing that i couldn’t  resist is SONOMA MAPLE GRANOLA for it toasty and nutty flavour. plus it fills me up so I wont graze so much during the day, which is great :)!!

As I recently discovered how to make my own granola from a friend of mine, I am really thrill to give a try. well it turn out to be very satisfying, moreover it is very easy, I wish I have discover it sooner.


250 g rolled oat

150 g of nut

3 tbspn of vegetable oil

5 tbspn of maple syrup or you can use honey

1/2 tspn of ground cinnamon

150 of  dried fruit

1 tspn of salt

1 tbspn of vanilla bean paste

Mix all the ingredient together in a bowl( except the dried fruit). spread the mix in the tray with a baking paper .

Bake it in 150 degree oven till it toasted. Dont forget to keep on checking and stirring now and then.

Take it out and let it cool (i will crisp up), once it cool down than you can add your dried fruit in it.

* you can adjust the amount of syrup, nut , spice or grain to your liking.

This granola is really my morning saviour, as its been fillin up my breakfast bowl 🙂 hope you guys will give a try


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