Posted on January 15, 2011


As I start writing this post, I keep on thinking about the almond roll that I had at luneburger bakery , let me tell you its delicious!!!! every time I pass by ,The smell of freshly bake bread coming from their kitchen is really unresistable. the thought of warm crispy croissant with the filling that ooze out is heaven.

Therefore, when I stumbled across  Clotilde Chocolate and Zucchini almond croissant, I am so gonna give a try!! and yes I did. It is very easy and definitely a keeper.

a second after I bake it, I just gone… they just love it.

* it is also a great way to used your stale croissant, as the recipe suggest you to used 6-8 days old croissant. Isn’t it amazing!!


recipe adapted from chocolate and zucchini

6 plain croissant

250 gr of sliced almond

The syrup

250 ml of water

2 Tbspn sugar

3 Tbspn Grand marnier ( the recipe use Rum)

Almond Cream

100 gr sugar

100 gr almond meal

100 gr butter

2 eggs

first you gotta make the syrup,  by putting all The syrup ingredient in the saucepan, you just heat it up till the sugar dissolved. than let it cool down completely before you use it

make the almond cream by mixing the butter and sugar together follow by the almond meal and gradually add the egg one by one. mix till it completely incorporated.

soak the croissant in The syrup mixture. it gotta be completely soak as you want the croissant to be moist.

cut the croissant lengthwise and spread the almond cream in both side, put the top back on.

sprinkle it with sliced almond, I let it cool down so the sliced almond would stick to the croissant as the sugar harden

put the croissant in the tray with baking sheet , and bake at 180 degree oven for 12- 15 minute till the filling is set and golden brown.

take it out let it cool dow a it then dust with icing sugar…

lalallala served it with coffee than it your morning tea ready to go 🙂