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As I cook most day of the week , there  are time when I just feel like what else can I cook for today??!!!  Yup, it happen to me couple days a go, Usually when it strike me, I’ll browse through supermarket shelves for a long time , but most of the time I find myself bring home a packet of pasta, any kind of smoked meat” chorizo, speck or gourmet sausages ” a can of  dice tomato or may be cherry tomato if i feel like it and a bag of rocket leaves. Therefore I figure out ,Pasta is my ultimate saviour!!! 🙂 If I feel tired I turn to pasta, Running out of idea turn to pasta, try to use up my left over is also pasta and the list go on and on and on….

I dont know what come to me lately??!! I never big of Broccoli, cauliflower or any vegetable with flower head ” that how I call it”. I just do not like the texture.. but I find myself eyeing on brocollini “probably the stir fry that I had at my mum place is so amazing, I reckon”  so I decided to cook it simply with a crab meat a bit of garlic, chilli and a dash of lemon.

for this recipe you have to use a good quality of crab meat. Most crab meat which I find in the market still have a shell in it  and to watery, therefore When I come across “phillip crab meat” I am very happy .

I add a slice of anchovies to it  as it lift up the flavour of the whole dish, but you can omit it I you don’t like it.


served 3-4

200 g of crab meat

2 bunch of brocollini, pre- blanch it

1 slice of anchovies, mince. ( you can omit it if you don’t like it)

2 clove of garlic

3 chilli

2 tbspn of butter

1/2 lemon

salt and cracked pepper

Cook the spaghetti in a pot of boiling salted water, make sure to follow the packet cooking instruction.

5 minute before the pasta ready, heat the oil in the pan, make sure not to hot or you’ll burn the garlic.

Put anchovies in follow by garlic and chilli cook till it fragrant

Add the crab meat let it cook a bit than add the spaghetti in, loosen it with a pasta cooking water than add on the brocollini

last but not least add butter ,a juice of half lemon and adjust the seasoning

sprinkle it with grated parmesan just before you served it.

Its a beautiful summer meal, served it with a glass of white!! Perfect.



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